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Join Kpop Girl group Forum

It is a really new and fun and cool experience joining Soshified forum~~~
I've always join male groups like TVXQ and Suju forum but joining a Girl group is definitely the first time!!

Why is it cool? Because there are more male fans than female fans over there~~ Why is it funny? Because they are guys but their avatars are pictures of SNSD that makes me think that they are girl!~~ Haha
But its so cute :D I get to know many more people pf the opposite sex about fandom and everything :D

Soshified~~~ Soshi gogogoo!~~ I think I am influenced by Veena and Yeekhoon haha. 
But it's okay~~ Kpop is awesome

My LA teacher

If you read my earlier post at the start of the year, I have little expectation of Mr Kaw because he just give me too bad an impression in sec1.
But today, I just wanna say that he is not that bad afterall....

He is more generous with marks and less bias this year which is something I am happy to see in him.
Although he is always late and may not be very good at teaching, but I appreciate how he took out time to give me advice and teach me how to improve my SRQ and my essay.

And thanks to him, this is the first time I actually got an A1 for my LA. First in my lifetime and also first in my 4 years in Nanyang.
It's and incredible journey I guess. From a C5 to a B3 and then to A2. But I made it!
Even if I did not get an overall A due to EOY, I am glad a manage to get it once in CA2.

Teachers do change. This is something I learn. Mr Kaw, Mrs Amy. I may not have the best teachers this year, but I'm glad to have them for my sec4 life.

Thank you 


My new motto in life

My new motto in life is: Leave no regrets.

I don't actually know how this get into me but I just find this really meaningful.
Why wait for everything to be over before you start to regret?
If we can treasure what we have now, do what we can to the fullest, then there will be no regrets.

I may not have any big regrets now since I am still young, but I don't want to have any.
It will be something you will be regretful forever. Time can't rewind and what's done cannot be undone.
Maybe it's because of the CC2 teacher that I start to realise the importance of leaving no regrets.

It's exam really really soon in 2 day? I gonna make it the best exam I ever take in Nanyang. 
It's really the last and I want to do my best. I want to cross the bridge with absolute confidence.

Why leave regrets when you know you can do something to prevent it in the first place?
All the best for exam :D

First street sale experience

 Location: Orchard road cum Dhby Ghaut
For: Project POP + Singapore association for the deaf

Today was my first time doing street sales in my whole life! Before Veena arrive, I was really scared to ask the people walking around but it got better after that. Street sales really makes me realise that Singapore people can be very kind too! Especially when people walk up to us to donate without us asking. It really warmed my heart to know.

That is when I thought about my future husband. haha. I want my husband to be kind too!~~ Guys that donated willingly as the best. Many aunties and uncles also donated generously. Even small kids got money from they mother to donate!! Many of the people that I thought would not donate actually stopped and listen to us and donated to us!!

Although there will be some people who refused to donate and even make fun of us, I believe that is only a small portion of the people as many others donated. Even it is a just 50Cents, it is the thought that counts. With so many kind people around in Singapore, I believe that the future will be bright. :D:D
Seeing the donation can getting full really makes me very satisfied. If though I got very tired from all the walking but it is just super satisfying to know that I have done something to help. I would definitely do it again if there is a chance because I think it is a great exposure to people.
 Rating for this Japanese drama: 10/10 !!! (Really awesome japanese drama worth your time)

Other than the original synopsis that this drama is trying to turn Sunako into a lady, there are other much important message that are brought across by this drama. Like for example, we should not look and determine a person character based on their look.

In this drama, Takano Kyohei (Kamenashi Kazuya) is an ikemen or what we call handsome guy with tons of fans. But because of his outstanding look, he brought nuisance to his family causing his mother to suffer a nervous breakdown from the prank calls by the fans. His mother actually said that she hated giving birth to him. That scene totally made me cry when I saw how Kyohei tried to make fried prawns for this mother but all he got was scolding from his mother telling him to get lose. I would totally break down if my mum ever do that to me. But fortunately, everything turned out fine with the help of Sunako. This really tells how being handsome might not be a good thing as well.

Nakahara Sunako is the main female lead in this drama. In here, she is someone who excludes herself from the world, love horror and hates bright creatures like Kyohei after her first love said that "I hate ugly girls". But she is actually really kind and a very good cook. From the drama, I really see that look does not matter but the heart does. Even though she is always wearing a cloak with her  fringe covered, but she always gain courage and pushes herself to be better for someone she values like her friend and her auntie which touched me a lot. Even if she is an abnormal girl who likes horror, she still found her love, Kyohei, who is able to see beyond just her looks and see her heart. I was shocked when I saw Sunako treating a fake doll Horishi-kun as her best friend but it really shows how lonely is she deep inside. She sleeps in a coffin too!~~ I love how she always says " Br..bright!!" when she sees Kyohei and knocked him down with her forehead.
Of course the rest of the characters are awesome too with wonderful and touching stories but I won't spoil the fun for people who are watching!~ A really good drama to watch with deep meaning, funny and touching at the same time. (I cried. haha) Love the last scene where Kyohei kiss Sunako!~ (blushing)
This drama can be easily found on Youtube so watch it for your June holidays! I'm loving Kame more and more!!
Choosing whether to watch Bloody monday 2 or My princess next. (My craze for japanese drama is back!~) 
 Celebrated my birthday with Veena, Jinyi and Angela today at Bugis and Serangoon NEX mall^^ I could have gone out on the 24th instead but all thanks to that stupid home learning we decided to celebrate early haha.

I actually knew what they are up to because they were discussing so loud in class~ But I am still super happy to celebrate my birthday with them and thanks for the presents!~

I guess you know what it is already!~ JYJ mug plus Jaejoong's handphone strap and a card^^ So sweet isn't it? hahha
Love the present alot alot alot~~

Then, we went to eat at a Japanese restaurant that has super nice tea haha. 
This is actually my first time eating ramen lol. It is suppose to by miso spicy ramen but it wasn't spicy AT ALL haha   

Although the food there are nice, but the food seriously cost sosooso much!~~ We ate other things as well though, mounting to that enormous amount of money spent on just food

SHOCK!~~ hahha we ate a lot right? hehe

The super little pictures we took before Veena has to leave to accompany her mum for shopping. (WTH >< abandon us haha)

Because of our super lousy 自拍 skills, this is what happened...

    I am cut off from the picture

    Jin Yi's turn to be cut off from the picture

To think we actually wanted to find an ICONIC place in Bugis to take picture hahah

So, after Veena left us to shop with her mum, me Jin Yi and Angela went to NEX at Serangoon to watch the movie Burlesque

This movie was sososso good!~~~ My expectation for this movie isn't that high, but when I actually watch this movie I was amazed by how good Christina Aguilera is at singing. SHE IS TOTALLY AMAZING~~~~

Her dance is super powerful with powerful vocals. The whole story plot is not as cliche as I thought it would be. Really interesting movie that you cannot take your eyes off. This movie officially becomes my 2011 favourite movie^^

OH, I ate Sogurt for the first time too at NEX!~~ The shop is soosos small that I would not have notice it is there. The ice cream is rather good, but I guess I will agree with Wei Yu that it is a bit overrated. It is not THAT nice as described by those that ate it before. Or is it just me having a weird taste? Hm/......

Didn't manage to take picture because I am too busy eating haha.

Really want to shop NEX one day. Didn't have the time to shop after the movie because I have to rush back for dinner. 
I am so excited that I am going to eat korean food with mum on my birthday itself!~

She say she gonna give me $50... Dilemma whether I should spend it on JYJ Music Essay or DBSK Keep your head down limited edition album. ><

Best GIF on the day


Best GIF of the day!~
Yoochun's smile just makes my day^^
Don't you find it sweet too? haha


  I just feel so tired, but time is not gonna halt for me

I got cheated

 I went to Simling Square today at Bugis and I happen to see this super cool thing known as the speaker + recorder!~

It wrote on the package that it suits all IPOD so I bought it. It cost $25 kay?
I wanted to test it out first before I buy coz I scared later my ipod touch cannot be use. But the person selling it insist that I pay first before trying...

And guess what? After I paid for it and test the thing out, I realise it cannot be use for IPOD TOUCH!~~~~~~ THE PERSON CHEATED MY MONEY@!~~~

The worst thing is that he don't even want to refund my money!~~ He wants me to choose other stuff when the others are like $70+~~
Then, he pushes all the blame to the supplier and ask me to call them myself!~~ What kind of stupid attitude is that? GOSH

I was fuming like a volcano erupting on the spot. I wanna kill him lor....
But in the end, we didn't manage to fight against them, so I brought back something useless where I have no need for it >< ><

Cry~~~ my christmas money leh..... SOB SOB